Weekend Hitlist - Kate Upton & Scorpion Vodka

Heading into the final weekend of February, we're jonesing hard for spring. Warm weather should soon breathe renewed life into weekend afternoons: outdoor sports, barbeques, and shorts and sandals. Ahh, can't wait....

Alas, until then, we'll just have to tough out these final dreary days together. Below, we've compiled a list of activities that should thoroughly entertain you until your next case of the Mondays.

Watch: 'Chronicle'
This sci-fi thriller opened as a No. 1 box office hit a couple weeks ago and has received rave reviews ever since. A fast-paced, found-footage flick about a few teenagers who suddenly possess paranormal abilities and succumb to its evil possibilities, Chronicle is just plain fun. Of course, you could also go see The Rock in Journey 2: Mysterious Island in IMAX. Your choice...
Read: Anything about Kate Upton
As you may have heard, Sports Illustrated recently unveiled its newest Swimsuit Issue, and blonde bombshell Kate Upton graced the cover. She's since exploded onto the scene with an Esquire feature story and even a nude shoot for MUSE Magazine. So yeah, she's kind of a big deal. And it's not hard to see why.
Do: Take a shot of Scorpion Vodka
The Dignified Devil is one of our favorite men's lifestyle blogs. They curate a wide array of awesome stuff and basically personify The Internet's Most Interesting Man. Their recent discovery of Scorpion Vodka simply serves as further evidence of this. Steeped with a real scorpion for several months, the vodka claims a 'unique flavor' and 'acquired taste.' No kidding.


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